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bullet 3rd Hellenic Scientific Conference in Apiculture-Sericulture 33 abstracts (fichier 178 Ko)
bullet 40 nations eligible for  honey import in European Union ( PDF 0.8 Mb)
bullet A beekeeping treat Dr Nicola Bradbear
bullet Abstracts of the first scientific congress Hellenic Scientific Society of Apiculture-Sericulture
bullet Abstracts of the second scientific congress Hellenic Scientific Society of Apiculture-Sericulture (Zip 38 Kb of a Word file)
bullet Acaricide residues in bee wax and organic beekeeping Lodesani ( PDF file 144 Kb)
bullet A case of acute intoxication with deltamethrin in bee colonies in Romania Daniela Nica ( PDF file 441 Kb)
bullet A checklist of pests and visitors of Apis Mellifera adansonii in the six states of Southwest Nigeria O.A. Lawal & A.D. Banjo ( PDF file 512 Kb)
bullet A comparative analysis of beekeeping and crop production in Adamawa State, Nigeria Muhammad R. Ja’Afar-Furo ( 45,5 Kb)
bullet Action research into improved beekeeping and agroforestry in Humla district of West Nepal Naomi Saville
bullet Acute-paralysis infection of bee brood (Apis mellifera l.) from colonies treated with Tau-Fluvalinate Martin Otteni ( PDF file 159 Kb)
bullet African Honey Bee Update Kim Kaplan
bullet A General overview on AFB and EFB pathogen Otten ( PDF file 464 Kb)
bullet Agriculture and Apiculture in Afghanistan Reza Shahrouzi ( PDF file 353 Kb)
bullet A guide to beekeeping in the Philippines Antonio Baconawa
bullet AFB - GM crop connection possible Joe Rowland
bullet Ain't That Sweet? Ira Iosebashvili
bullet Alternative method of control of infectious bees brood diseases Rudenko ( PDF file 124 Kb)
bullet Alternative strategy in central Europe for the control of Varroa destructor in honey bee colonies Anton Imdorf  ( PDF file 674 Kb)
bullet An africanized bee selection technique for the Eastern Mexico beekeeping M. C. Octavio Jaramillo Monroy
bullet Analysis of honey produced in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentine, from 1997 to 2000 M.C. Mouteira, N.H. Malacalza C.E. Lupano & B.M. Baldi
bullet Analysis of production performance of beekeeping in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria S. O. Fadare, S.O. Ojo, P. Imoudu ( PDF file 142 Kb)
bullet Argentine Beekeeping: Past, Present and Future Prof. Norberto García Girou (M. Sc.)
bullet Argentine Beekeeping Strategies for Disease Control without Residues in Honey Prof. Norberto García Girou (M. Sc.)
bullet An attempt to establish reliable "best before" dates for honeys originating in both continental and oceanic climates Cavia ( PDF file 40 Kb)
bullet A New Method to control Nosema Disease by Feeding Federico Valobra, Umberto Mandelli, Elena Bessi ( PDF file 324 Kb)
bullet A new trap for flying intruders in the bee colony as an integral part of the modern beehive. Its structure and function - Ifantidis, M. D.1*, Chatzopoulos, St.2, Katikou P.1
bullet An experience with Charm II System Monique Morlot ( PDF file 98 Kb)
bullet Animal sentinels Claude Morgan
bullet Antibiotic residues in honey – The FEEDM view Vincent Michaud ( PDF file 37 Kb)
bullet Antibiotics residues in honey: validation procedure Albino Gallina ( PDF file 112 Kb)
bullet Antimicrobial Properties of Propolis and Honey from the Kenyan Stingless bee, Dactylurina Schimidti E. M. Muli, J. M. Maingi, J. Machari ( PDF file 184 Kb)
bullet Anti-varroa Drugs (without market authorization) found on the black market in the Near East by Reza Shahrouzi ( PDF 589 Ko)
bullet Apiculture, a major foreign exchange earner (India) K. Sarangarajan
bullet Apiculture for medicine Dr. Theodore Cherbuliez
bullet Apiguard: an instrument adapted to many beekeeping conditions Jérôme Trouiller ( PDF file 113 Kb)
bullet ApiHerb: a new perspective for the integrated control of nosema disease Antonio Nanetti ( PDF file 535 Kb)
bullet Apis mellifera at the Incas' country Gilles Fert
bullet Apitherapy in Community-based health care in Nepal Naomi M. Saville
bullet Appraising the perception of farming communities towards apiculture as a viable source of income in Adamawa State, Nigeria Muhammad R. Ja’Afar-Furo ( PDF file 33,7 Kb)
bullet A Rapid Field and Laboratory Method to Detect Varroa jacobsoni in the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Kamran Fakhimzadeh
bullet Are multiple honeybee queen pheromones indicators for a queen-workers arms race? Abraham Hefetz ( PDF file 147 Kb)
bullet Assessment of Honeybee Health Status in Antigua & Barbuda Tomas Mozer
bullet Assessment of Honey Plant Resources through Pollen Analysis in Coorg Honeys of Karnataka State Shubharani R, Sivaram V & Roopa P ( PDF 731 Ko)
bullet Assessment of the Apiculture Industry in St. Lucia, West Indies Dennis van Engelsdorp
bullet A Stricken Sector of Production in Apiculture: Beekeeping, hit in full flight
bullet A Study of the Effects of Honey Theft and Bush Burning on Apiaries in Adamawa State, Nigeria M.R. Ja’afar-Furo, H.S. Tanko,A.I. Abonemdam
bullet A taste of honey - Urban beekeeping may already be buzzing in a neighborhood near you Kert Fisher
bullet Authenticity of honey and other bee products Kaspar Ruoff & Stefan Bogdanov ( PDF file 126 Kb)
bullet Aventis says no link between Regent and bee deaths Reuters
bullet Battle of the Bees Jennifer Viegas
bullet Battling with bee brood disease in Apis cerana in W. Nepal - Some findings Naomi Saville
bullet Be(e)coming Experts: The Controversy Over Insecticides in the Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Sainath Suryanaranan and Daniel Kleinman ( PDF 239 Kb)
bullet Beehives stop elephant crop-raids in Kenya, Africa By Ella Davies - Reporter, BBC Nature
bullet Beekeeping and Honey are a Part of Tradition in Madagascar Gilles Fert
bullet Beekeeping and Honey in Belize Gilles Ratia
bullet Beekeeping Benefits Survivors of Trafficking in Nepal Naomi M. Saville
bullet Beekeeping for people living in countries under stress: Afghanistan and Iraq Dr Nicola Bradbear
bullet Beekeeping in Africa M.H. Hussein
bullet Beekeeping in Barbados - Preliminary Status Assessment Tomas Mozer
bullet Beekeeping in Bas Congo - A contribution to sustainable agriculture Paul Latham
bullet Beekeeping in Humla district West Nepal: a field study Word format (1.082 Kb) or WinZip format (221 Kb)
bullet Beekeeping in Syria Gilles Fert
bullet Beekeeping in Taiwan Gilles Fert
bullet Beekeeping in the Digital Age Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford
bullet Beekeeping in the world Press release, Gilles Ratia, president of the Congress Apimondia 2009 ( PDF 65 Kb)
bullet Bee research in peril - New Zeland Alison Kay
bullet Bees can recognize human faces, study finds World Science
bullet Bees: the newest land mine sniffers? Allard Beutel
bullet Beeswax replacement in organic beekeeping_is there a risk of contamination by residues in hive walls Imdorf ( PDF file 153 Kb)
bullet Betrayed and sold out – German bee monitoring Walter Haefeker
bullet Behavioral performance in adult honey bees is influenced by the temperature experienced during their pupal development Jürgen Tautz ( PDF file 102 Kb)
bullet Bio-Engineered Honey Could Help Medicine Go Down Fox News
bullet Birds, Bees and Even Nectar-feeding Bats Do It David Schwartz
bullet Bosnia-Herzegovina & Srpska slideshow / Diaporama Bosnie-Herzégovine & Serbie Gilles Ratia
bullet Causes of bee colony mortality Reza Shahrouzi OIE news ( PDF 230 Ko)
bullet Central Asian Honeys Uzbekistan, Kirghiztan, Tadjikistan, Kazakhstan
bullet Characterization of Different Floral Origins Honey Samples from Santa Fe (Argentine) by Palynological, Physicochemical and Sensory data Ciappini, Gatti, Di Vito, S. Gattuso, M. Gattuso ( PDF file 184 Kb)
bullet Charm II System - Comprehensive residue analysis system for honey Robert Salter ( PDF file 460 Kb)
bullet Chemical composition and biological activity of a new type of Brazilian propolis: Red propolis Alencar, S.M. et al., Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2007) ( PDF file 234 Ko)
bullet Chemical Composition and Botanical Origin of Red Propolis, a New Type of Brazilian Propolis Bruno B. Silva1, Pedro L. Rosalen1, Jaime A. Cury1, Masaharu Ikegaki ( PDF file 116 Ko)
bullet Chloramphenicol
bullet Clove Honey Production on Pemba Island, Tanzania Antony Ellman
bullet Colony development and queen rearing in Kenyan honey bees (Apis mellifera scutellata) Shi Wei, Suresh K. Raina b, Ingemar Fries
bullet Confirmation of amphenicols in honey using HPLC-Receptorgram Julio Quintana-Rizzo ( PDF file 152 Kb)
bullet Control of American Foulbrood by eradication of infectes colonies Waite ( PDF file 80 Kb)
bullet Control of American Foulbrood by the shaking method Hansen ( PDF file 147 Kb)
bullet Control of American Foulbrood by using alternatively eradication method and artifical swarms Von der Ohe ( PDF file 61 Kb)
bullet Control of nosemosis - the treatment with “Protofil” Gabriela Chioveanu ( PDF file 441 Kb)
bullet Control of the Varroa Mite in Iran ( PDF 223 Ko) Reza Shahrouzi
bullet Could genetically modified crops be killing bees? John McDonald
bullet Coumaphos and amitraz residues in Slovenian honey Poklukar ( PDF file 129 Kb)
bullet Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators Barack Obama ( PDF 36 Kb)
bullet Croatia slideshow / Diaporama Craotie Gilles Ratia
bullet Crucial steps leading to social parasitism in the Cape Honey Bee Apis mellifera capensis Johan N.M. Calis & Willem J. Boot ( PDF file 119 Kb)
bullet Current status of analytical methods for the detection of residues in bee products Stefan Bogdanov ( PDF file 101 Kb)
bullet Cyprus slideshow / Diaporama Chypre Gilles Ratia
bullet Danish varroa report (320 Kb)
bullet Dark Honey Has More Illness-Fighting Agents Than Light Honey
bullet DATA2 creates World's smallest barcode Dr. Stephen Buchmann
bullet Detection method of Paenibacillus Larvae larvae from beehive winter debris Titera ( PDF file 98 Kb)
bullet Determination of acaricide residues in beeswax Stefan Bogdanov, Verena Kilchenmann and Ueli Bütikofer  ( PDF file 121 Kb)
bullet Determination of development periods of honeybee colony by temperature in hive in Latvia, year 2002 Egils Stalidzans, Valdis Bilinskis & Almars Berzonis
bullet Determination of Some Major and Minor Elements in the East of Morocco Honeys Through Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry H.Belouali, M. bouaka, A.Hakkou ( PDF file 234 Kb)
bullet Distributive Control Models for Honeybee Decision Making During Foraging Bud Vos
bullet Dogs, bees in gene-mapping contest Laurie McGinley
bullet Early detection of American Foulbrood by honey and wax analysis Ritter ( PDF file 133 Kb)
bullet Ecology of Feral and Africanized Honey Bees in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument J.0. Schmidt & J.F. Edwards
bullet Ecology : Out of the strong came forth sweetness Henri Gee
bullet Effect of Apitherapy on Multiple Sclerosis L.H. Huang & S.W. Ip
bullet Effect of hive design on internal hive temperature: a new application of temperature data loggers Naomi Saville
bullet Effect of Magnesiummonoperoxyphtalate against Paenibacillus Larvae larvae spores Haklova ( PDF file 112 Kb)
bullet Effect of the temporary thermic treatment of honey on variation of the quality of the same during storage Ramirez Cervantes
bullet Effects of artificial sugar feeding on sugar composition of Royal Jelly G. Sesta, L. Persano Oddo, F. Nisi, L. Ricci ( 108 Kb)
bullet Effects of the acute paralysis virus on honey bees (Apis mellifera l.) infested by Nosema apis Z. Martin Otteni ( PDF file 193 Kb)
bullet The Efficacy of Apivar ® and Bayvarol ® and CheckMite+ ® in the Control of Varroa destructor in Iran Reza Shahrouzi ( PDF file 164 Ko)
bullet EFSA Guidance Document on the risk assessment of plant protection products on bees ( PDF 2.6 Mo)
bullet Epidemiology and control of the American foulbrood in Germany Christoph Otten ( PDF file 1.3 Mb)
bullet European Community health conditions for trade and importation of homey Draft
bullet EU Standing Veterinary Committee agrees on suspension of imports of products of animal origin from China (honey)
bullet Evaluation of different queen introduction methods in honeybee colonies in Uruguay C. Invernizzi, J. Harriet, S. Carvalho ( PDF file 138 Kb)
bullet Evaluation of Three Different strategies to Nosema Control E.Bessi, A.Nanetti ( PDF file 559 Kb)
bullet Evaluation of Varroa mite tolerance Ingemar Fries ( PDF file 452 Kb)
bullet Fall Dwindle Disease. => Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) Dennis vanEngelsdorp ( PDF file 703 Kb)
bullet Farmer-participatory extension in Jumla, western Nepal Naomi Saville
bullet F.A.S. Report Honey Situation and Outlook in Selected Countries
bullet Fast SPE extraction and LC-ESI-MS-MS analysis of flavonoids and phenolic acids in honey P. Pulcini, F. Allegrini, N. Festuccia (fichier 205 Kb)
bullet FAVACA Consulting Trip Report - Haiti Ray Chasser / Tomas Mozer
bullet Forget the Birds. Learn About the Bees USA
bullet Fluvalinate residues in Greek honey and beeswax Tsigouri ( PDF file 207 Kb)
bullet Fundamental thoughts on african bee farmong Oliver Field
bullet Gamma radiation: a sanitating treatment of AFB-contaminated beekeeping equipment Alessandra Baggio ( PDF file 255 Kb)
bullet Gamma radiation sanitation in beekeeping management Alessandra Baggio ( PDF file 233 Kb)
bullet Gaucho, sunflower and bees
bullet Gene expression tied to social behavior in honey bees Jim Barlow
bullet Gene Flow a Canola Headache Kim Woods
bullet General status of Apiculture in Iraq Dr. V. Sivaram
bullet Genetic Engineering, Seed Treatment and Bees Michael Thiele
bullet Genome Map Helping Scientists Build a Better Honeybee Jan Suszkiw
bullet Georgia, birthplace of the Caucasian bee Gilles Fert
bullet Ginger honey remedy counters morning sickness Nutra
bullet Good information on Pesticide spraying Erdal Ozkan
bullet HACCP Generic Model Pasteurized Honey
bullet Healing Honey Andy Coghlan
bullet Heritage conservation on La Palma Island Gilles Fert
bullet Himalayan ceranaid: development assistance to preserve and promote Apis cerana beekeeping in Nepal Conrad Bérubé
bullet Honey and infant botulism Health Canada
bullet Honey and the Treatment of Wounds and Burns Maureen Williams
bullet Honey and wax analysis for acrinathrin residues Szerletics Turi ( PDF file 220 Kb)
bullet Honey as a marketing strategy on Una Sana Canton I. Mujić
bullet Honeybee Weapon in War on Cancer Brandon Keim
bullet Honey bees and bee products as monitors of the environmental contamination Porrini ( PDF file 347 Kb)
bullet Honey bee forage zone Dean Lennox
bullet Honey Bee Genome Assembled NIH
bullet Honey bee genome sequenced Helen R. Pilcher
bullet Honey from U.E. - 1999/2000 Antibiotic Residues
bullet Honey in a glass Joe O'Neal
bullet Honey Laundering reported from China through Australia into the U.S. Alan Harman
bullet Honey market in Uganda Maku Jackson  ( PDF file 108 Kb)
bullet Honey nitrofuran metabolites (4) detected in 50 min. Say-Jong Law ( PDF file 77 Kb)
bullet Honey puffs stung by advertising rules Dita De Boni
bullet Honey, our bees are vanishing! Felix Lowe (Observer)
bullet Honey Quality and International Regulatory Standards Stefan Bogdanov
bullet Honey sweetens naturally Sherrel Jones
bullet Honey-sweet recipes Autumn Hughes
bullet Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril Alexei Barrionuevo
bullet How to make your hives more productive Armand Oules
bullet HPLC, Charm II and Elisa: advantages and disadvantages for the analysis of tetracyclines in honey Thorsten Münstedt ( PDF file 121 Kb)
bullet Housel Positioning Dee A. Lusby
bullet Iceland… Land of Fire and Ice… and Honey!!! Charles and Karen Lorence
bullet Natural Beekeeping - I Did it My Way Stewart Bell ( PDF file 33 Kb)
bullet Imidacloprid
bullet Imidacloprid - Expert overview Bayer
bullet Imidacloprid Insecticide Factsheet ( PDF file 88 Kb)
bullet Imidacloprid; Pesticide Tolerance
bullet Impact of honey harvesting and processing methods on honey quality in West Nepal Naomi M. Saville
bullet Impacts of the most significant honeybee research in Australia on the beekeeping industry Bruce White
bullet Indigenous knowledge of beekeeping in Jumla, western Nepal Naomi M. Saville
bullet Infection and immunity in the honey bee Apis mellifera Z. Gliński, J. Jarosz
bullet Influence of bee attractants on pollination and yield parameters in Guava (Psidium guajava L.) Anita M., V. Sivaram & K. V. Jayaramappa ( PDF 872 Ko)
bullet International Honey Commission
bullet It's funny how honey makes you snooozy
bullet Kuwait - Country of Petroleum and Honey Moustafa A. EL-Shehawy
bullet Lesson plans for beekeeping in the Philippines Diana Sammataro
bullet Letters on organic beekeeping and more... Part I - Michael Thiele
bullet Letters on organic beekeeping and more... Part II - Michael Thiele
bullet Licensing of Veterinary Medicinal Products in the European Union Multinelli ( PDF file 175 Kb)
bullet Local bee race replacements in Lebanon: technical and economic feasibilities Rami Ollaik
bullet Look Out Manuka… Myrtle’s On The Way Alan Harman
bullet Lots of Flowers and Trees - Not Enough Birds and Bees Karen Hoffmann
bullet Malaysia - Cashing in on Australian bees Zazali Musa
bullet Managing risks in World Trade in bees and bee products Andrew Matheson
bullet Mapping Bee's Flight
bullet Metican against varroatosis among bees Kalinka Gurgulova ( PDF file 132 Kb)
bullet Mineral oil as an alternative treatment for honey bee mites - Part I - Dr. Pedro P. Rodriguez
bullet Mineral oil as an alternative treatment for honey bee mites - Part II - Dr. Pedro P. Rodriguez
bullet Modification of microbiological detection method of Tetracycline in honey Rail Khismatoullin  ( PDF file 82 Kb)
bullet Monitoring for American Foulbrood spores from honey and bee samples in Canada Stephen F. Pernal ( PDF file 139 Kb)
bullet Multiple search flights of the dancer's followers: result of information of energy deficiency C. Abramson ( PDF file 212 Kb)
bullet My Varroa-free Apis Mellifera Honeybee Experiment in the Philippines Raphael “Raffy” C. Andrada
bullet Natural and chemical Control of Varroa Destructor in Iran Reza Shahrouzi
bullet Natural and chemical control of varroa destructor and Tropilaelaps mercedesae in Afghanistan Reza Shahrouzi ( PDF 223 Ko)
bullet Natural content of formic and oxalic acids in honeys Martina Wehling ( PDF file 55 Kb)
bullet Nature and Art Michael Thiele
bullet Nectar of the Gods, the worlds most coveted honey - Agence France Presse (AFP)
bullet New bee pest... I. Barton Smith, Jr.
bullet New calls for halt to GM crop trials after honey contamination claim David Mckay
bullet New-Zeland : Bee devastation worries expert Rani Timoti
bullet Nicaragua and organic honey Gilles Fert
bullet Obliteration of the beekeeeping industry in Cyprus Skordis Andreas & Varnavas Giannakis
bullet Official control on imported honey in north-eastern Italy Alessandra Baggio ( PDF file 127 Kb)
bullet Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health adopted on 19-20 June 2002 ( PDF 278 Kb)
bullet Organic apiculture - Chances and perspectives in an emerging market (notes) Ulrich Bröker ( PDF file 114 Kb)
bullet Organic beekeeping and acaricide residues in beewswax Persano ( PDF file 200 Kb)
bullet Organic Honey Standards An example
bullet Our Forgotten Pollinators: Protecting the Birds and Bees Mrill Ingram
bullet Oxalic acid by Varrox® to varroa control in central Italy Marinelli Enzo ( PDF file 197 Kb)
bullet Oxalic acid treatments for varroa control (review) Nanetti ( PDF file 203 Kb)
bullet Pakistan Achieves Self-Sufficiency In Honeybee
bullet Pakistan now self-reliant in honey
bullet Palynological analysis of geopropolis samples obtained from six species of Meliponinae Ortrud Monika Barth ( PDF file 204 Kb)
bullet Participatory rural appraisal investigations on beekeeping in remote Himalayan villages of West Nepal Naomi Saville
bullet Pest Risk Assessment: Importation of Adult Queens, Package Bees and Germplasm of Honey Bees, Apis mellifera L.  from Australia
bullet Physico chemical characteristics of propolis collected in Santa Fe (Argentina) Enzo A. Tosi ( PDF file 85 Kb)
bullet Physicochemical Properties and Pollen Spectra of Honeys Produced in Tunisia (Southwest of Kef) B. Jilani, P. Schweitzer et al ( PDF 299 Ko)
bullet Pollen Analysis of Apis Honey, Karnataka, India H.R Bhargava, J.V.A Jyothi, M.Bhushanam, N.S.Surendra ( PDF 316 Kb)
bullet Pollen analysis of honeys from some regions in Turkey Zafer Kaya ( PDF file 369 Kb)
bullet Pollen analysis of Royal Jelly: contribution to analytical methods and characterization L. Piana, P. Belligoli, L. Persano Oddo, S. Piperno ( 126 Kb)
bullet Pollination on Mars Anton G. Branz
bullet Pollinator decline puts world food supply at risk, experts warn
bullet Pollinic analysis Paul Schweitzer
bullet Possible factors of colony losses. Their synergism and hierarchy within different biotopes and diverse agricultural/beekeeping practices Gilles Ratia conference ( PDF 8 Mb)
bullet Portrait of an Insect: Marchalina hellenica Genn. Important Producer of Honeydew in Greece Friederike Erlinghagen
bullet Practical application of antibacterial drugs for the control of honey bee diseases Mutinelli ( PDF file 221 Kb)
bullet Presence of acaricides and antibiotics in samples of Italian honey Sabatini ( PDF file 177 Kb)
bullet Prevention of Residues in Honey - future Perspective McKee ( PDF file 121 Kb)
bullet Proposal for a Council Directive relating to honey - European Union
bullet Proposal for the Sequencing of a New Target Genome White Paper for a Honey Bee Genome Project   ( PDF 72 Kb)
bullet Quality and Standards of Pollen and Beeswax Stefan Bogdanov ( PDF file 132 Kb)
bullet Radar records flight of the honeybee John Roach
bullet Rapid Determination of Chloramphenicol Residues in Honey by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry and the Validation of Method based on 2002/657/EC Lech Rodziewicz and Iwona Zawadzka ( PDF file 236 Kb)
bullet Re-activation of Brother Adam's mating station on Dartmoor Roger White ( PDF file 236 Kb)
bullet Reflections on the contemporary problems and the economic consequences associated with the changes in the environment and the beekeeping Carrillo Salomón
bullet Relationship between larvae age and characteristics of queen honeybees (Apis mellifera L.) after single and double grafting B. Emsen , A. Dodologlu & S. Cobey
bullet Removing bee stings P Kirk Visscher
bullet Report from the German Apitherapy Society First Propolis Congress
bullet Reproduction of Varroa destructor in Africanized Honey Bees under the Tropical Conditions of Costa Rica Rafael A. Calderón, Luis G. Zamora ( PDF file 24 Kb)
bullet Residue determination in honey after a spring treatment with Thymovar and formic acid Jeroen Donders ( PDF file 56 Kb)
bullet Residues control in Cuban honey Pineiro ( PDF file 166 Kb)
bullet Residues of Antibiotics and Sulphonamides in Honey on the Belgian Market Reybroek ( PDF file 247 Kb)
bullet Residues of Organochlorine Pesticides in Polish Honeys Aleksandra Wilczynska,Piotr Przybylowski ( PDF file 79 Kb)
bullet Residues in honey after application of thymol against Varroa using the Frakno Thymol frame Station Liebefeld
bullet Resistance of varroa to medicaments used in Iran Reza Shahrouzi
bullet Response of the Apoidea to fungal infections Glinski ( PDF file 142 Kb)
bullet ROSA (Rapid One Step Assay) for antibiotics in honey David R. Legg ( PDF file 251 Kb)
bullet Russian Queen Bee - little Mites' Impact J. Raloff
bullet Saint Ambrose of Milan
bullet Saving bees: fungus found to attack varroa mites Alfredo Flores
bullet Scientific note - Observations on feral honey bees in Florida, USA Tomas Mozer
bullet Screening of honey for residues of antibiotics by an optical biosensor Stefan Weigel ( PDF file 108 Kb)
bullet Seasonal changes in mite (Tropilaelaps clareae) and honeybee (Apis mellifera) populations in Apistan treated and untreated colonies E.S.W. Camphor ( PDF file 132 Kb)
bullet Seed-dressing systemic insecticides and Honeybees European Environment Agency ( PDF698 Kb)
bullet Self control system for the production of high quality honey: the Swiss example Stefan Bogdanov ( PDF file 148 Kb)
bullet Silent spring in northern Europe? Börje Svensson
bullet Single-Frame Method to Obtain Several Age-Specific Immature Worker or Drone Honey Bee Cohorts J. Finley and D. Sammataro ( PDF file 186 Kb)
bullet Situation Analysis of the Beekeeping Industry in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe ( PDF file 1,5 Mb)
bullet Small hive beetle (notes) Bruce White ( PDF file 109 Kb)
bullet Small scale beekeeping Curtis Gentry (200 pages + 200 illustrations!)
bullet Small-scale beeswax processing in remote western Nepal Naomi M. Saville
bullet Small Hive Beetle, a new beekeeping pest Keith S. Delaplane
bullet Smells trigger memory for hungry bees Lucy Andrew
bullet SMR This Honey of a Trait Protects Bees From Deadly Mites
bullet Solar Heating of Honey Bee Colonies (Apis mellifera L.) During the Subtropical Winter and its Impact on Hive Temperature, Worker Population and Honey Production E. Winema, Y. Lensky & Y. Mahrer
bullet Solid phase extraction procedures for validation of Charm II sulfonamide, streptomycin and chloramphenicol positives and detection of tylosin in honey Julio Quintana-Rizzo ( PDF file 179 Kb)
bullet Some Properties of Algerian Honey  C Makhloufi, P. Schweitzer et al ( PDF file 228 Kb)
bullet SPMF info : International workshop on consequences of the 6 September 2011 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union on the possible presence of GM Pollen on Honey Joël Shiro in VO ( PDF 223 Ko)
bullet Spring Treatment with Oxalic Acid Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
bullet Status, prospects and strategies for development of organic beekeeping in the South Asian Countries Dr. V. Sivaram ( PDF 237 Ko)
bullet Storage proteins in winter honey bees G. W. Otis ( PDF file 105 Kb)
bullet Strategic Framework for Beekeeping Development in the Philippines Antonio D. Baconawa
bullet Stronger measures of protection are needed for beekeeping Anatoliy Pylypenko
bullet St. Vincent & Grenadines Apiculture Assessment Tomas Mozer
bullet Summer treatment for Varroasis widely used in Europe
bullet Suiting up for the honey wars John F. Ross
bullet Sulfonamide Residues In Honey. Control and Development of Analytical Procedure Andrzej Posyniak ( PDF file 161 Kb)
bullet Test on Chinese and blended honey show further illegal drug residue FSA
bullet The Adansonian Hive
bullet The basis for success in beekeeping within development projects P.D. Paterson
bullet The Bugs and the Bees James Fearnley
bullet The Developmental Changes of Immature African and Four Lines of European Honey Bee Workers Diana Sammataro & Jennifer Finley ( PDF file 240 Kb)
bullet The economic analysis of beekeeping enterprise in sustainable development: a case study of Turkey Gamze Saner ( PDF file 164 Kb)
bullet The economics of bee pollination in the Philippines Antonio D. Baconawa
bullet The effect of heating on honey HMF and invertase Sophia Karabournioti et P. Zervalaki
bullet The Effect of Protein Substitutes of Pollen on the Function of Generation Population in Honeybee Colonies M.R. Dastouri
bullet The Efficacy of Bayvarol® and CheckMite® in the Control of Tropilaelaps mercedesae in the European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) in Thailand P. Kongpitak, G. Polgár and J. Heine ( PDF file 113 Kb)
bullet The EPA, Pesticides and Beekeepers Tom Theobold
bullet The EU legislation for honey residue control Piro ( PDF file 179 Kb)
bullet The Future of Bees and Honey Production in Arab Countries Moustafa A. EL-Shehawy
bullet The hygiene queen Marla Spivak
bullet The Kenya-To-Bar-Hive (KTBH) as a better hive in the developing World Conrad Bérubé
bullet The life of the bee Maurice Maeterlinck (full text)
bullet The Marketing of bee products Martin Hilmi ( Word file 176 Kb)
bullet The mind of the swarm David Pacchioli
bullet The monk and the honeybee Paul Jungels
bullet The relation of physicochemical characteristics of honey and the crystallization sensitive parameters . I. Manikis
bullet The "KÔNYA' beehive with rotating frame of broodnest against Varroa
bullet The Sensory Basis of the Honeybee's Dance Language W.H. Kirchner & W.F. Towne
bullet The short comings of anti-varroa methods Eliane Noirot ( PDF  file 274 Kb)
bullet The Triwaks Bee Research Center Pr Yaacov Lensky
bullet The World of GMOs - How it Relates to Beekeeping Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford
bullet Tolerance mechanisms against American Foulbrood in Honey bee larvae and colonies Brodsgaard ( PDF file 253 Kb)
bullet Trade in Honey Is Said to Provide Money and Cover for bin Laden Judith Miller & Jeff Gerth
bullet Three Decades of Living with Varroa in Iran Reza Shahrouzi ( PDF 278 Kb)
bullet Trial Report on the Happykeeper Bottom Board January 2006 to June 2007 ( PDF file 397 Mo)
bullet True Source Honey™ Will Launch Certification Program to Help Stem the Tide of Illegal Honey Washington Post, Nov. 12, 2010
bullet Unstoppable ... Asian honey bees Sydney Morning Herald, 28/02/2011
bullet USDA suppressing bee science? Lex Horan
bullet Use of medical drugs against varroosis Franco Mutinelli ( PDF file 169 Kb)
bullet Varroa control using cellulose strips soaked in oxalic acid water solution E. Marinelli, G. Formato, G. Vari, F.M.De Pace ( 1.98 Mo)
bullet Vurroa jacobsoni control by feeding honey bees with organic cupric salts M. Bounias, J.F. André & M. Nectoux ( PDF  file 249 Kb)
bullet Varroa Mites and how to catch them Johan Calis
bullet Veterinary Drug Residues in Honey Martin ( PDF file 79 Kb)
bullet Video analysis in bee biology using Neuro Inspector® Janko Božič ( PDF file 524 Kb)
bullet Vięt-nam - Apiservices' report Gilles Ratia
bullet War and Bees - Military applications of apiculture Conrad Bérubé
bullet Wax Bernard Leclercq
bullet What is the Difference between "organic" Beekeeping and Beekeeping considering the Character of Bees? Michael Thiele
bullet What's new from the beescience? Michael Thiele
bullet Why do honeybees dance? Julian David O'Dea
bullet Wily Bees Get the Royal Treatment Maria Godoy
bullet Wintering Fertilized Queens in Banks Gilles Ratia

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